Unit 0: Starting the Year



Here's the state standards everything I make will be based off of.
Mississippi State Science Standards

These are the college readiness standards (CRS) that I use in my class published by ACT Inc.
College Readiness Standards


The Foundations of a Class

Long Term Plan
Big Goals
Management and Investment


End of Year Assessment (EOY)

2012 Final

70 Question EOY*
95 Question EOY**
95 Question EOY Allignment**


The First and Second Day of School

The First Day*
The Second Day: ACT Motivation**
The Second Day: Chemistry Ethics Debate

*There are two broken links on the First Day Presentation
  1. To talk about phones in the classroom: Phones
  2. To talk about sleeping in the classroom: Sleep
On the fight analysis slide, create a classification tree of possible fight scenarios just for the sake of emphasizing no fighting is allowed.  (e.g., boy vs. boy, boy vs. girl, girl vs. girl)

**This is the primary source of the ACT statistics: Mississippi


Chem Classroom Essentials: A Giant Periodic Table

A "do-it-yourself" periodic table.  One legal-size paper per element...it's big; it's beautiful.

Periodic Table

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